Tractor Trailer Wash Out BLOG

We are a tractor trailer wash out facility, located in Walton County. We are right across highway 78 from the Walmart Distribution and Walton Truck Stop. We are not affiliated with Walton Truck Stop. Are location is Prime for your tractor Trailer driver to swing in and get his refer unit washed out before the next load. Are address is 459 James Huff rd Monroe, Ga 30655 and we are roughly 45 minutes from Atlanta.

Choose to send your trucks to our facility and we will make sure the inside of the trailer is clean and clear of all debris ready for the next pick up. 

Tractor Trailer washout Facility in Walton County, Georgia

We are a tractor Trailer Wash out facility in Walton County, Georgia. Monroe, Ga is the city that we are in and we very close to Atlanta, Georgia. The Wash Out Facility is Prime location for your trucking operation to swing by and get the mandatory Trailer wash out. We are the best in the business and get that trailer clean and free of debris and ready for the next pick up.

we are located right across highway 78 from the Walmart distribution center and the Walton Truck stop although we are not affiliated with the Walton Truck Stop. I could probably throw a rock from our facilities driveway to the Walmart Distribution Center that how close we are. So if you are a driver and need your trailer washed out and cleaned then call 770 868 6122 and head on over. If you are a dispatcher and your driver is looking for a wash out near Atlanta, Georgia then send him here!

Tractor Trailer Wash Out in Monroe Georgia

Come on over to get your refrigerated trailer washed out. We are across hwy 78 from Walmart Distribution Center in Monroe Georgia. Call me @ (770) 868-6122 for immediate service. I will have you ready to hit the road again with receipt in hand in less than 15 minutes. I know you have a schedule to keep and a deadline to make, thats why we are here to serve you. 

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In and Out

 It truly is the highlight of our day when a big rig roars into our drive needing a trailer washout. Dad and I love meeting the drivers and conversing about politics, God, and directions to highway 3-16. For some strange reason we get the greatest kick out of swinging the back doors open, cranking up the pressure washer and climbing into the unit. We wash the trailer out exceptionally well because we understand that the cleanliness of the trailer has a direct effect on us, our family, and our friends. Without the millions of faithful truck drivers to drive the big rigs the rest of America wouldn't have many of the necessities they are used to having. Thanks to the trucks.